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An Update On The New Format

We've heard from a lot of you about the new look. Most of the comments were
positive, and some dealt with issues of how the screen seems cluttered and so
forth. We've done a few things to address that - taken off some images, moved a
few things, narrowed a few things - tweaking in other words. 

We're still looking at ways to improve things - as James says, this is
1.0.   In the short term, for those of you who are having these
problems, we have a couple of suggestions:

  1. A lot of PCs ship with the default resolution set quite low.  You can
    adjust it to a finer resolution and if you have a nice monitor, you really
    ought to.
  2. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape allow you to adjust the fonts. You can
    do this in the individual frames.
  3. Upgrade to a new version of either browser. This is generally a good idea
    anyway, though it won't affect the issues at hand very much.

We realize this is doesn't necessarily address some people, like laptop users
and people who have older machines and small monitors.  We'll continue to
search for ways to make it better.  We can say this so far: doing this has
allowed us to concentrate our energy on nothing but updating, which has been
great, because that's where our energy should go.  Thanks again for
the feedback!