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If you didn't see the U.S.-China match today, you really missed it. That was
sensational, one of the most riveting sports events we've seen in years.
It was hard not be be swept up in it, and even cooler were the hordes of 10-14
year old girls who were obviously just in ecstacy over the whole thing.

Mark this down: much like there was once a young Michael Jordan who watched
David Thompson, enthralled, only to go on and surpass him, there were young
girls watching today who were outside with the ball in less than 5 minutes
after the match was over. Somewhere the next Mia Hamm is working on her

In another note, it was very refreshing to see such high-level competition
with no whining, no cursing, no tantrums, no extraneous crap. Just brilliant
straight ahead competition. Not that women are immune to that kind of behavior -
women's tennis argues otherwise. Nonetheless, what a clean wind blew over
the sporting world today!