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World Web News Roundup!

Here's some cool AM links for you guys. First of all, Tom Wolfe has Seen The
Light, and has given one
of the most cogent explanations for Cameron we've ever read
.  This is a
very cool article.  Biological animal babay, yeah! 

Speaking of Our Boys, there's a potential UConn rematch in the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic. Which reminds us - those of you who keep posting that Duke would have won in a 7 game series, or that Duke played poorly and was still the better team - that argument could be used by Vegas fans in 1991.  UConn won, they deserved to win, and they played like champions. Duke didn't match that. It's time to move on and to look to the future. Last thing we need is a bunch of Duke fans after the UConn game acting like a bunch of Kentucky fans after the Laettner game.  That's not us, so
let's just acknowledge a brilliant, passionate effort by UConn, and let's start
chasing newer game, ok?

In other news, Les Robinson thinks
it'll be a while
before the conference takes up expansion - good.

The women's soccer team is in a grudge match, as the
Chinese are still pissed about that little embassy bombing thing.
might be good, actually. Let them think about other things besides the actual
game. Fine by us. Needless to say, if the US wins, Mia Hamm is going to be huge,
and Nike will paint all their buildings an ugly shade of blue.

Parker is off to Portugal,
which is nice for him game and life-experience
wise, but his SAT issue is still an open question (maybe not to Jason though).
Speaking of things Baby Blue, Kris Lang is shooting for 260 by the start of the season. Why? He says he is quicker, but it's hard to gain 30 pounds and quickness. That's a big front line, though, even if it's ponderous.

The same article has some recruiting stuff, including comments from the Big Brit (7-6) Neil Fingleton and Jerome Harper, who is not a happy camper right now.

In NBA type news, the players have rejected
a hard age limit
and are skeptical of the offensive reforms. Danny Schayes,
who to our amazement has had an 18 year career as a bench warmer, had some
caustic comments about it.