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A Nice Brand Feature, Francis Update, and A Big Donation

Here's a pretty nice article from CNN/SI on how Chicago
went about their draft preparations.
  There's a weird bit about how
Jerry Krause sees long necks as "wasted height" - whatever. Maybe
that's a way to justify his own rather short neck.

There's also a good analysis on the Timberwolves and how they came out of the
draft - very happy with Avery, apparently - and a bit on the increasingly
petulant Steve Francis, who is making it quite clear that he abhors
Vancouver.  He ought to give it a chance. The worst of it is the Canadian
taxes, but once you get past that, and he can make it up if he quits alienating
potential fans, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities around.  It's
about a million miles from where he grew up, in every way. For all we know
that's part of the problem. But you couldn't ask for a place with more vitality
or more relevance to the 21st century. And unlike the Baltimore/DC corridor, the
chances of getting shot in Vancouver are pretty low.  According to the
Vancouver Sun, the police don't even shoot real bullets at suspects, and their
most celebrated criminal is named Spiderman
.  C'mon, Steve, you have to
love that.

Also worth mentioning: in a big development at dear old Duke, Tobias "Zollie" Sherrill, a Charlotte developer, who ran a Charlotte construction company, has left 5 million dollars for athletic scholarships. This will fund eight scholarships. Sherrill was a football player in the old days, when Cotton and Sugar Bowls were pretty common events, and a charter member of the Iron Dukes. It's a remarkably generous bequest, and advances significantly the goal of endowing every scholarship. There is still a long way to go, but this usually happens one or two scholarships at a time, rather than eight in one fell swoop.