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Goodbye to a Great Friend

We were very saddened to read in the latest issue of the Duke alumni magazine that Mike Mangum passed away. Mike was a great e-mail pal who, despite his battle with cancer (a disease he had also fought against for others as a physician), enjoyed e-mailing us about his love for Duke basketball. Even when he told us the odds he was up against, he only wanted to talk about the future of the Blue Devils. He also insisted on being a sponsor of the DBR.

Mike was an accomplished physician in Macon, Georgia. A 1978 graduate of Duke, Mike was chief of medicine at Columbia Coliseum Medical Center and was on the faculty of Mercer University School of Medicine. He was also in clinical practice with Central Georgia Hematology and Oncology Associates in Macon.

Mike leaves behind his wife, Rebecca, two sons, a daughter, his father, and several brothers and sisters. We will deeply miss his insights, goodwill, courage, and friendship, and we offer our prayers for his family.