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The New Look For DBR

Well, here's our new look. James has put a lot of time in designing this
system, so as always, great thanks to him.  This has two really
important  features, at least from our point of view, and, we hope, from
yours too.

  1. It's easily maintained.  We spent more time than we would care to
    admit keeping up basic things. This will allow us to concentrate on - and
    improve - our content.
  2. It should load more quickly.  This will be much to your benefit. One
    of the things that we haven't always found time for is taking stuff down in
    a timely manner.  That shouldn't be an issue anymore.

We'll continue to refine this and to, we hope, improve it
significantly.   We'd like to thank James, again, for all of his hard
work and his willingness to code for nothing. We don't have any idea how much
time he has actually put in, or how much that would be worth in a market type
situation, but our guess is it would at the least be a major down payment on a
house in the RTP area. That's one reason why we were so happy he made some money from his bulletin board system a couple of months ago. He should. He's worked hard, for nothing, and we're ecstatic that he got something back from his kindness. It's amazing to us how generous he has been and he has
our enormous gratitude.