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NBA Age Limit: The Players Take It Up

The NBA Players Association is taking up the contentious issue of establishing an age limit, and so far the union seems dubious.  Billy Hunter, head of the
union, says that "if they don't want them in the league, they shouldn't draft them," but wouldn't that be an invitation to a lawsuit?

Hunter also said that "I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but that
[Duke lost three players to early entry] really seemed to set off an alarm and strike a nerve."

Mitchell Butler said the common sense thing, which is that kids are being
sold a bill of goods, essentially.  The odds of actually making it are slim
anyway, and they fall rapidly with less and less experience, and a high school
kid who slides to the end of the bench isn't going to get the careful attention
he'd get in college.

Frank Burlison has some thoughts on this as well.