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Where Does The Time Go?

Here we are celebrating our third anniversary on the web. Wow! How
did that happen? Mostly it happened because of you guys - your support,
encouragement, and criticisms. The e-mailed links have helped enormously
as well - we can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate that. When we
started, there were about five sites worth reading. Now it's impossible
to keep up, so they help incredibly.

We'd like to thank a number of people by name, but that would a) take
a while, and b) we'd forget someone we'd hate to not mention. So
forgive us if we limit our personalized thanks to James, who has kept
this afloat and improved it at times tremendously - and who isn't
through yet (hint, hint). As we mentioned on the front page, the
Sagarmatha Bulletin Board System celebrates it's second birthday

"So my little nephew says to me, 'hey! Where to now Roseanne
Rosanadana?'" Oooh, flashback, sorry. But transparent
transition aside, where to now?

Heck if we know. All we know is we're having a good time and we
want to keep doing it. It'd be fun enough to have done just on a
creative, building level, but then there's the friends we've made here,
and that is the biggest reward of all. We've gotten close to
a number of you, and having ties like that, well, it's hard to
explain just what it means. Anyway, we'll keep trying to get
better at it - we're just fans, like we keep telling you - but we've
learned a lot from your comments, even (especially) the harsh ones.
Someday we'll get it right! Happy 4th of July!