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Not Brey, Not Rick, Maybe Tommy...And....Russ?

This is really weird. Bill Russell, who long ago claimed to have
outgrown competition, is
now interested in coaching a college team for a few years.
He's apparently sent out feelers to Minnesota.  His representative
is apparently putting out feelers.  It's an odd and wholly
unexpected move for Russell, who has spent a great deal of time just
holed up at home in recent years, but could he do it? Well, he's done
almost everything he ever tried to do with the exception of that
Liberian rubber plantation.  Sure he could teach the game, and if
his goal is to teach the true game, and also to teach young men more
about being men, then yes, he could do that too.  It's odd to think
of a guy who would want to start coaching at 65, but Russell is a highly
unusual man.  He probably won't get a Big 10 job, but who knows?
Minnesota is only giving themselves a week or so to get this done. 
Another thought - would he consider hiring on with an Amaker, say, as a
coach emeritus of sorts? Bill Russell still has  lot left to give.