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Photos From The Weekend

Here are our photos from this past weekend. The top table is from the Blue-White
game. Due to current limitations of digital photography, we can't really take
actions shots. The lower table is from our get together with the Bleu Poupons. We got to meet some hip new people, like Stickdog and Stickbitch. We liked Stickbitch even though she threatened to beat us up for keeping Stickdog on line for too long.

As always, just click on the photo to see a larger version.



Cameron Shots




These Are Photos We Took From Our Bleu Poupon Get

Stickdog, Stickbitch, & Wanda Womble

Stickbitch & Wanda bonded!

First Sister Poses

Second Sister Poses..

Then Together...

And A Proud Dad

Deslok & Lizz Debate the merits of the non-proliferation treaty

Carlos & Carrie Looking Existential

Stickdog & Stickbitch were the life of the party

Wanda & Stickbitch chatting

The Women of DBR

The Women of DBR II

Dig That Scarf!

Buddy, Devildawg, & ABF

Party Central

Can You Spot The FITster?

Not A Police Roundup, But You Never Know...

Drunken Photography 101

Buddy & ABF Share A Special Moment

Advanced Drunken Photography

What Are They Staring At? ABF - The Woodstock Photo That Never Was