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Madness Photos!

Here are some photos from Midnight Madness. Just Click on the smaller images for
good sized ones! Special Thanks To Robert and Our UNC Bud Who Probably Wants To Remain Anonymous

Working The Room Defense!

Recruits Targeted Up Go The Banners!

Hoops 101 A Lucky Guy!

Crowd Shot More

Crowd Shot Crowd Shot

Towels For Everyone! New Guys Most Likely

More Crowd Stuff Same

Stick 'em! Let's Go Duke!

Casey Shoots Free Throws Rush The Floor Slowly

Why Is Dave So Happy? Dunleavy On The Spot

More Dunleavy Shane Holds Court

Nate Gives It Up! Do I Have To Do This?

Featherston, et. al Eddie Landreth Gets It Done!

Jason Is One Thoughtful Dude Th-th-that's all folks!