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The DBR Podcast Sits Down With The Leaders Of K-Ville!

The Head Line Monitors take over the pod!

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A More Accurate Way To Look At Three Point Shooting

The conventional way is too restrictive.

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Mataeo Durant Announces For The NFL

After a spectacular season, Durant departs for the league.

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ACC Roundup Virginia, Syracuse Lose

But give the ‘Hoos props for going on the road

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The Latest

YouTube Gold: RJ Barrett Goes Off!

And has a superb shooting night

A Fellow Duke Fan Could Really Use Some Help - An Update!

We’re really making progress, and now, we have a wonderful offer to help

YouTube Gold: Wilt vs. Kareem

Two of the greatest really, really didn’t like each other very much.

Duke Closing In On David Cutcliffe’s Replacement?

The search has apparently narrowed considerably

ACC Roundup - Virginia And Syracuse Have Interesting Games

On a slow Tuesday night for the ACC

What’s Up With Memphis?

Interesting Statistical Insights Into Paolo Banchero

You might have guessed it but it’s still interesting to see

Duke Women Punish Penn In The Palestra

And move to 8-0

Quad Squads: ACC Four Overtime Games

Cleary, some SIDs and sportswriters need to change their evil ways, baby.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

ACC Roundup - UNC Getting In Gear?

YouTube Gold: The Year Of The Tiger

Bill Bradley’s Princeton team had an amazing run

Referee Blows The Whistle On...Other Referees?

And someone is going to get hit with a legal technical.

Jordan Goldwire Update

Former Duke star is thriving with the Sooners

ACC Roundup - Is Wake Back?

A convincing win at Virginia Tech deserves some respect.

YouTube Gold: Summertime Blues

An enduring classic

Slow Watching The First Half Of Duke-Ohio State

Duke won the first half but by halftime it was clear Ohio State was in the better position.

ACC Roundup - BC Breakthrough?

And Virginia did Virginia things

Turgeon Out At Maryland, Danny Manning The Interim, And Who Will Get The Job?

A sudden and shocking exit opens up a major job, and it’s barely December

YouTube Gold: Payback

Slow Watching The Second Half Of The Duke-Ohio State Game

It’s not hard to see what happened here - and it’s not all bad.

YouTube Gold: Patrick Baldwin Update

His season is off to a rough start.

Duke Knocks Off Iowa For Kara Lawson’s First Win Over A Ranked Program

It won’t be the last.

After 40+ Years, People Still Don’t Understand Duke Basketball

And by people we mean reporters and some fans who have some really dumb takes on Duke’s loss to Ohio State

Hot Starts By Duke Teams

The men’s streak ended at seven this year. The woman are at six and counting.

ACC Roundup: NC State Wins An Epic 4 OT Game In The ACC/Big Ten Challenge

Talk about crazy

YouTube Gold: Dereon Seabron’s Spectacular Night

Seabron is emerging as one of the better players in the ACC and possibly the nation.

The DBR Podcast Discusses The Loss In Columbus

We recap the first loss of the season.

Maryland Fans, Duke Is Not Happening So Give It Up Already

Might as well drink out of the Chesapeake Bay. Duke will not schedule Maryland.

Last Day For The Blue Healer’s Appalachian State Auction!

In a lot of ways, December is a fascinating month to watch Duke play because that’s when problems are really addressed.

Duke Is Still A Great Team. It’s Just Not Invincible.

And the flaws exposed in the second half versus Ohio State are very much fixable.

Tuesday In The ACC/Big Ten Challenge: That Wasn’t Much Fun

We didn’t expect it to go too well this year but a couple of near misses really hurts

YouTube Gold: A Great Show Is Just About To Erupt In The Heavens Above

This could be something that very few living people have ever seen.