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ACC Roundup - UNC Falls Short Against UConn

And another bad shooting night from Armando Bacot

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YouTube Gold: Chaminade Shocks The World

An absolutely amazing triumph seemingly out of nowhere

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Duke Recruiting: Dylan Harper Set To Announce On Wednesday

As fans await another recruiting frenzy

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No Passing Fancy

Duke has some issues right now, but efficient passing is not one of them.

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The Latest

ACC Roundup Highlight: Heels vs. Huskies In The Garden

That’s going to be a fun one

YouTube Gold: Lionel Messi’s Greatest Hits

One of history’s greatest athletic talents walks among us

Duke Pushes South Carolina Before The Gamecocks Take Control Late, Winning 77-61

As the Blue Devils get a lesson in greatness courtesy of the Gamecocks

ACC Roundup - 7-0 Clemson Beats Pitt And Has A Surprise Star While Virginia Tech Survived Louisville

We haven't checked every ACC player, but Ian Schieffelin currently has more than Armando Bacot and that’s impressive.

YouTube Gold: Zion On A Roll

One definition of athletic greatness is everyone know what you can do -

Duke Off To The Birmingham Bowl

Where they’ll face Troy

Podcast #565: A Bad Trip To Atlanta For Duke

We dive into what’s wrong with the Blue Devils.

Duke Is Having An Identity Crisis

The Blue Devils need to develop a counterpunch for when their gameplan stalls, and quickly

How Do We React After The Georgia Tech Game?

Hopefully with intelligence and faith

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

ACC Roundup - UNC’s Massive Comeback And Virginia Wins Big

As ACC play begins

YouTube Gold: Dereck Lively Takes It Home

And over Chet Holmgren too

Duke Falls To Georgia Tech In Atlanta, 72-68

A tough afternoon in more ways than one.

Next Up - Georgia Tech

What seemed like an easy win a week or two ago doesn’t look so easy right now.

Brotherhood News: Northwestern Gets A Massive Upset And Jayson Tatum Gets Ejected

What a night for Northwestern!

Duke Beats Georgia In Overtime, 72-65

As the young Devils continue to grow

ACC Roundup - Conference Play Starts!

It’s about time too.

YouTube Gold: Robots Getting Spooky

First Law: A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

DBR Podcast #564 - Tackling Georgia Tech

Off to Atlanta to get to know Damon Stoudamire’s program.

Duke’s Football Coaching List Is Coming Into Focus

Not a lot of intel but the list seems to be pretty tight.

Brotherhood Watch: Mark Williams Plays Well Again

But where is Dariq Whitehead?

YouTube Gold: The Danny Ainge-Tree Rollins Fight

An infamous NBA classic

DBR Podcast #563 - Awful Against Arkansas

All together now - next play.

Last Day For Our Blue Healers Charlotte Auction!

Nothing is better than a Duke game in Cameron.

The Best Coaching Records Includes A Surprise

And half the list coached in the ACC

ACC Roundup - Challenge Edition, Day II

This challenge has potential.

YouTube Gold: The Zion Show Rolls On

Look what he did to Philly!

Duke Falls At Arkansas, 80-75

It was not a beautiful game, but Duke found its heart at the end

Duke QB Riley Leonard Enters The Transfer Portal

That’s really too bad but hopefully things work out well for him.

Next Up - Arkansas

These teams tend to bring out the best in each other

Justin Robinson Returns!

This is really great news

Wednesday’s ACC/SEC Challenge Links Run

On to Day II

ACC Roundup - Challenge Edition, Day I

How ‘bout them Yellow Jackets?