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ACC Roundup - Carl Tacy Slips Away

An inscrutable man slips away at 87

You Tube Gold: Bird’s 1987 Steal Against The Pistons Dissected

One of the great plays in NBA history broken down

“America’s Point Guard” And Coach K

If he can put a full court press on the Corona Virus then yes, he’s America’s point guard.

Tapé Bails

An unpleasant bit of news

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The Latest

Big Four Nicknames And Where They Came From

A Great Idea From The Chronicle

Now this is fun

Year One Of The ACC Network: Solid But Needs A Personality Injection

As it stands now, ACCN reflects the bland corporate culture of ACC headquarters.

You Tube Gold: Duke’s One Shining Moment For 2020

We can’t have a real resolution of the 2019-2020 season but this isn’t a bad substitute.

Jay Bilas Names His Duke’s Mt. Rushmore Players

Not much to argue with except for perspective

ACC Roundup

Well a mini pandemic-limited roundup anyway

Surprise: Recruiters Can’t Stop Recruiting

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.

Reactions To The HBO Documentary The Scheme

It’s not a good look for anyone

Cassius Stanley’s NBA Decision Is More Complicated Than It Might Appear

This year is so different

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

You Tube Gold: How To Distill Water At Home

A handy tip for a tough time

When Red Auerbach Could Have Been Duke’s Basketball Coach

Auerbach vs. Frank McGuire? The mind boggles

ESPN’s Look Back At Duke’s 2010 National Championship Is Terrific

If you haven’t seen it you really should

A Look At Bob Cousy’s Passing Genius

This is a better clip than we had a while back.

The Chronicle Looks At Matthew Hurt’s Season

Matthew Hurt needs to gain some muscle and when he does, look out

1991: A Final Four Preview, Part VIII

We all know how it ended but who knew going in?

You Tube Gold: UNLV-Georgetown 1991

UNLV’s first test in 1991 was Georgetown in the NCAA tournament

More Hardware To Carey Home

Vernon Carey is going to need another room for his trophies soon

Jalen Rose Had Some Misses On This List

Michigan basketball started way before Rose thinks it did

A Great Chris Carrawell Read

Duke Recruiting: Alan Griffin Drops Devils?

We probably won’t see another set of Brotherhood Brothers

Two More Player Profiles From The Chronicle

Wendell Moore and Justin Robinson had

Unfortunately, Lavar Ball Is At It Again

This is more of the same from Ball

You Tube Gold: UNLV-Arkansas 1991

A glimpse at just how good UNLV was in 1991

RJ Barrett (& Dad) Update

A couple of small but interesting links

Introducing Means Streets

A new podcast by former Duke walk-on Andy Means

Winning And Losing, ACC Style

Some gotta win, some gotta lose

Our Look Back At 1991, Part VII: St. John’s

A Duke-St. John’s game was always good in the Carnesecca era.

You Tube Gold: Duke-St. John’s, 1991 NCAA Tournament

As Duke moves back to the Final Four

The Empires Strike Back

The Bluebloods are going to be dominant next season.

Tre’s Surreal Press Conference

Who’s Zooming Who?

Two More Player Reviews From The Duke Chronicle

Goldwire and DeLaurier, both still under appreciated.

You Tube Gold: Louis Jordan In 1974

Just about a year from his death, his brilliance was undiminished