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With McCallie Gone, What Next For Duke?

Lots of interest in the job but this hire could be really tricky.

Recruiting: Howard, Kenny Blakeney Land Makur Makur

Huge recruiting news

What Did You During The Pandemic? Zion Got Ripped

He looks ready to go

You Tube Gold: Virginia vs. Auburn

As Kyle Guy’s clutch play saves the day

The Latest

And Now The Search For McCallie’s Successor

This should be really interesting

McCallie’s Video Statement On Resignation As Duke Women’s Basketball Coach

On with the search.

Duke Athletics Cuts Salaries

As the pandemic continues to bite down on sports

Under Armour Now Wants To Dump Two Big Contracts

Both PAC-12 schools

You Tube Gold: Jordan vs. Bias

What was, what might have been

Kobe’s Praise For Quinn Cook

What a great compliment from the late Laker star

Zion Williamson Named NBA2K21 Cover

It’s been a pretty great couple of years for young Williamson

You Tube (Tarnished) Gold: Malice At The Palace

One of the NBA’s two most disturbing fights of all time

Duke Reveals Plans To Restart School

This is going to be interesting to watch on many levels

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

ACC Transfers Update

Inbound and out.

Our Favorite Virginia Tech Players

Getting a little tougher as we go on to the expansion teams

You Tube Gold: Duke vs. Purdue, 1994

As Grant Hill shows The Big Dog Who’s Boss

DBR Podcast #214 Is Out!

Lots of good stuff this week from the DBR Podcast Crew

Duke Recruiting: Emoni Bates Makes An Early Commitment to Michigan State

Biggest target for the next couple of years is already off the board

Praise For John Swofford

The Ninja commissioner plans his retirement after en epic run as ACC Commissioner

Bobby Hurley’s Accident Remembered

What should be remembered is how he miraculously survived and made it back to the NBA.

Meet Henry Coleman

Our pick for the fan favorite in this year’s freshman class

The Very Best Blue Devils And What They Did To The Opposition

Duke has had Players Of The Year in every decade since the 1950s except for one.

Recruiting: Chris Collins Scores Big

Collins is putting together one of Northwestern’s finest classes.

You Tube Gold: Barry Sanders

A brilliant 10-year career puts Sanders with the truly great backs in NFL history.

Jayson Tatum Gets A New Hair Style

And immediately mocked for it

Lance Thomas Getting Free Agent Interest

Former Duke star isn’t done yet

Under Armour Puts UCLA In A Tough Spot

Is the company in long-term decline?

You Tube Gold: Duke-Louisville 1986

Mike Krzyzewski’s first trip to the Final Four wouldn’t be his last

The Duke Chronicle On DJ Steward

Steward is gifted and charismatic and that will go over well in Cameron

Bilas’s Choice For John Swofford’s Successor

And one from us too

You Tube Gold: Leonard “Truck” Robinson

A forgotten star of the ‘70s and ‘80s

Coach K’s Statement On Black Lives Matter

Released this afternoon via social media

Colin Cowherd On Zion Williamson As The Future Of The NBA

When you put it this way, who else?

ACC Recruiting: Wake Picks Up A Young Big Man

You Tube Gold: Wilt vs. Nate Thurmond And Bill Russell

Some really good footage here

ACC Commissioner John Swofford Announces Retirement

If he was really the Ninja commissioner he’d be on a Hatteras beach before we knew it had happened