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Cal Poly’s Punishment & Jerry Stackhouse’s Rise

Just a bit of NCAA inconsistency

Duke Recruiting: Is Stanley Next?

We’ll know Monday

Barrett, Williamson Win MVP Award At Duke Basketball Banquet

Kind of sums up their unique chemistry

ACC Teams That Have Had Trouble Making It To March Madness Lately

The top of the league is golden. The bottom? Not so much.

The Latest

Duke Recruiting: Cassius Stanley Read

Will Duke have a great Easter recruiting binge? We’ll see soon.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

And Now Our Sweet Sixteen Shirt

Our latest offering for your collection

Mike Cragg Finds His Man: Mike Anderson

As the St. John’s search comes to a close

Breaking: UNC Forces Sylvia Hatchell To Resign, Then Announces It Just Before Midnight

As the outside review of her program apparently has some damning revelations.

Here’s One Of The Game’s Great Passers

Pistol Pete is an overlooked genius of the game.

Duke Recruiting: Matthew Hurt Update

D-Day is here.

Mike Cragg’s Unpleasant Search Continues

People should back off and let him do his job. He’s a smart guy and can find a great coach - if it’s not a circus.

Responses To Joe Alleva’s Departure At LSU

Former Duke AD was not widely respected in the Bayou state

Baby Fun With Zion Williamson

If he’s not who he seems like, he’s doing as brilliant a job building his brand as anyone ever has.

Duke Recruiting: Hurt, Stanley Set To Announce Friday And Monday

Everyone seems convinced Hurt will pick Duke.

Virginia In The Draft: Diakite Makes It Four

And five gone if you count senior Jack Salt

The 2020 Outlook For Duke Basketball, Part 1

Buoyed by the return of Tre Jones, Duke should remain a contender next season

Joe Alleva Steps Down At LSU

Former Duke A.D. will leave after Wade fiasco

The Brotherhood Carries Duke Basketball Into The NBA Playoffs

And the beat goes on

When The Three Shot Flees

Duke had considerable success this season despite its poor three point shooting.

A Nice Photo Essay From The Duke Chronicle

That shows the bond between RJ Barrett and Zion Williamson.

Good News For Marvin Bagley?

A coaching change may alter the arc of Marvin Bagley’s career

Duke Recruiting: More On Matthew Hurt Possibly Joining The Brotherhood

D-Day is Friday

Kyle Guy’s Departure For The NBA Means That Virginia’s Reign Will Likely Be Brief

As in twelve months brief

A Smarter Arizona Columnist Looks At What Zion Williamson Would Mean For The Phoenix Suns

The last one we saw couldn’t have watched much college basketball this season.

Did Michael Avenatti Get Pranked?

And did believing a prank put his liberty at risk?

Phoenix Columnist: Zion Williamson A Bad Fit For The Suns

We’re guessing he doesn’t watch much more than highlights.

A Look At Where Daniel Jones May End Up In The NFL Draft

Some Tuesday Links

Lots of stuff happening still

Virginia’s Jerome, Hunter Enter The NBA Draft

An emotional day for the ‘Hoos

It’s Official: Zion Williamson Declares For The NBA Draft

Where he’s expect to be the top pick.

Another Interesting Mock NBA Draft

As Gary Parrish takes a whack

Duke, Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett And Award Season

Duke has a long history with NPOY Awards

ACC Coaches Who Have Won It All

The list is growing longer

Duke Recruiting: A Surprise Commitment

Didn’t see this one coming

Joe Alleva Reinstates LSU’s Will Wade

A most interesting development

Duke Recruiting: Good News Coming From Matthew Hurt?

We’ll know on Friday