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Duke-Clemson Game Info & Links

Toughest game on this year’s schedule by far

Duke’s Freshmen Interviewed

This is really pretty cool

Kevin Garnett On Zion

Enjoy him while he’s here

ACC Roundup - Another Long Night For Syracuse

We expected more frankly.

The Latest

A Brief Look At Thanksgiving Hoops

Or hops in the case of Zion Williamson

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Zion “Making A Mockery” Of College Basketball?

Check back in February please

A Better Way To Measure A Great Season

How few losses a team has as a measure of success? Pretty smart argument.

Duke QB Daniel Jones Has Some Thinking To Do About The NFL

But he has other business to deal with first.

ACC Roundup - Down Goes ‘Cuse! Down Goes ‘Cuse! Down Goes ‘Cuse!

Sometimes your inner Cosell will not be ignored...

If This Doesn’t Get Jalen Rose and C-Webb Past Their Feud, Nothing Will

Funny stuff from Vegas

How To Conflate Duke Hating And The Silliness Of Recruiting In One Simple Tweet

See what we mean?

A Nice Run Of Duke Links

Some fun reads here

Duke Thrashes Eastern Michigan 84-46

As the dunks flow like wine

Zion’s EMU Highlights


RJ’s EMU Highlights

More kaboom.

Duke Recruiting: Vernon Carey Update

Decision coming soon

ACC Roundup - Not A Glorious Night For The Conference

A bit dreary honestly.

Next Up - Eastern Michigan

A better than expected opponent with size and Boeheim’s zone? Interesting.

Barry Jacobs On The Late Al Featherston

A much admired and missed man. We hate this.

Heading Into Death Valley, Duke Is Relishing The Challenge

That’s the only way to approach Clemson these days.

Seriously Foul Prone ACC Players

Kerry Blackshear leads the way in this dubious distinction.

Why Norlander’s Wrong About Duke’s Schedule (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

Duke is playing a very tough schedule.

ACC Roundup - First Conference Loss

And it goes to Georgia Tech

Jack White Praise From Down Under

Duke’s junior has been a real asset off the bench.

Kentucky Recruiting Stumbling?

Most interesting

You Tube Gold: Tommy Burleson

A big man with a big heart, the former State star was truly an ACC legend

New DBR Podcast Drops!

Hot off the digital press

When It’s Time To Flee The Three

Some guys just can’t get ‘er done

ACC Roundup - Heels, Pitt Win, Panthers Notably Better

Of course they could be breathing and be noticeably better than last year...

Harry Giles Update

Former Duke big man is making his way in the NBA

Zion Williamson Cleans Up ACC Honors

No one else was close

Duke Zooms To #1 In New AP Poll

You Tube Gold: Duhon’s Dash

In 2004, Chris Duhon pulled off one of the great plays in Duke history.

Duke Downs Army 94-72

Not a great game in some respects but an amazing performance by Zion Williamson

What We’ve Learned About This Duke Basketball Team

Potential is vast. So are the potential pitfalls.

Zion’s Army Highlights

Two games in, two remarkable performances