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Justin Robinson Profile

Our favorite walk-on in years gets some love from the Chronicle

Marvin Bagley Update

Just a few games in but Bagley is looking good

A Nice Appreciation Of The Lovely Mary Dinkins

Quite simply the best constant about Duke football for most of her adult life.

NBA Suspends Former Duke Star Brandon Ingram

Don’t throw punches in the league

The Latest

Zion’s Impact Is Already Huge

He’s like no one else athletically and it turns out he’s also a heck of a basketball player.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Terrible Awful News For Former Syracuse Guard Tyler Ennis

Keep your kids away from this one. Seriously.

You Tube Gold: The King Of Trash Talk

Larry Joe was the best trash talker in the history of basketball.

Duke In The NBA: Ingram, Bagley Go Off...

...But in very different ways

You Tube Gold: The Big O

Vastly underappreciated today

Duke Falls To Virginia, 28-14

As the Blue Devils fall to 5-2

Jim On Countdown To Craziness

Lots of potential was on display in Cameron Saturday

Dunk Away, Zion

We’ll just leave this here...

Duke’s First Public Scrimmage Highly Promising

This much is clear: no one is going to willingly step in front of Zion Williamson any time soon. It’s like stepping in front of a flying anvil

K, Zion Don’t Seem Too Worried About Trial Allegations

Odds are Mike Krzyzewski has the exact essence of it.

Craziness Links

Dive right in

Duke-Virginia Game Info

This one’s for bowl eligibility

Duke-Virginia Links

All the goodies in one easy spot

It’s Time For Craziness

As Duke basketball makes its official 2018-19 debut

Duke Recruiting: Here’s Who’s In For Countdown To Craziness

Three good prospects for Duke basketball

Luke Kennard, Quarterback?

That could have been interesting

Kevin Keatts Being A Really Good Guy

He’s right about everything he says here but no one is making him say it so good for Coach Keatts

YouTube Gold: 1985 McDonald’s Classic

Some familiar faces and some people you’d never remember

As the Adidas Trial Wraps Up, A Fateful Moment For College Basketball Is About To Arrive

A Solid Read From The Chronicle On K’s Comments About The State Of The Game

This writer bears watching

This Isn’t From An Official Game Or Anything But Still...

...More hints of greatness from Zion.

Chop Shop Blues

The ACC’s most foul-prone players over the last three seasons.

Zion Update: Duke Not Worried

Given Coach K’s history of being thoroughly prepared and aware, we’re sure he’s on top of this.

Big Duke Night In The NBA As Allen, Bagley And Giles Take The Court For The First Time

And don’t forget Utah Coach and former Blue Devil Quin Snyder.

Syracuse Using Duke Game To Pad The Bottom Line

What can you say? Duke basketball sells.

Duke Football: Looking Ahead To Virginia

It’s been awhile since Duke beat the Cavaliers

DBR Podcast Episode 129: Emergency Zion Williamson Podcast!

Zion Williamson’s being targeted and we’re not here for it.

Zion Williamson Mentioned In The Adidas Trial

To borrow from Dorothy Parker, what fresh hell is this?

SI’s ACC Preview: Duke #1

It’s getting soooo close.

You Tube Gold: Bob Cousy

One of the original and most imaginative great NBA passers

Ferris State Is Looking Forward To Cameron

Who wouldn’t?

DBR Podcast Episode 128: Football Wins, Wendell Moore Commits, Countdown To Craziness!

Lots to cover in this latest episode!