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Grayson’s Progress

Defense is an issue but he and the Jazz are working on it.

Kevin Durant On Zion Williamson

Zion needs to make sure he keeps his head on level with all the attention that’s coming his way. Fortunately he seems pretty down to earth.

Jordan Tucker Update

Former Blue Devil is alive and well in Indianapolis

Brandon Ingram Update

The former Blue Devil finds himself in an interesting position since LeBron James joined the Lakers

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The Latest

ACC Roundup

Nothing hugely interesting but some good stuff nonetheless

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

UNC Athletes Are A Bunch Of Saps

No seriously. What a bunch of maroons

You Tube Gold: Monte Towe

Javin DeLaurier’s Impact On This Duke Team

The athletic junior isn’t a stat stuffer but he makes a big difference at all times.

Worldwide ACC

ACC teams have almost all recruited well internationally.

ACC Roundup - Closer Than Expected Games And Key Injuries

DeCourcy: Don’t Compare Zion Because He’s Unique

Nonetheless he keeps asking people to do it...

You Tube Gold: Young Shaquille O’ Neal

An object lesson in how memories can change

After UNC Walks, NCAA Puts The Screws To NCCU

For something even the NCAA admits was unintentional.

John Feinstein Has Had Enough Of Stupid Comments About Coach K

This is a nice thing to read

Wendell Carter’s Probably Not Having Too Much Fun Right Now

At least as a team anyway

Lexington Columnist: Kentucky Still Hasn’t Gotten Over The Duke Game

That’s what you call a resounding win.

If You Haven’t Seen It, Check Out This Mini Zion Documentary

This is pretty fun and well done in every sense. (Link fixed)

The ACC’s Northern Exposure

Canadians lately have enriched ACC basketball

The Difference Between Duke’s Freshmen And The Fab Five

It’s a pretty big difference called humility

Realignment Is Being Discussed Again But It Won’t Be As Easy As It Has Been

The decline of cable and the rise of new technologies and e-sports great complicate things for the traditional partnership of TV and college sports.

A Great Honor For DBR Contributor Barry Jacobs

This speaks volumes about his character and service.

DUMB Alum Parties Coming Soon

This one time at band party...

ACC Roundup

A small one today

Drive-By Polling

We’re sure he’s a good guy but this is just stupid.

John Feinstein’s Latest Project

We hope it’s better than the last thing we read

Some Interesting Skill Breakdowns For RJ Barrett, Zion Williamson And Cam Reddish

A close look at strengths and weaknesses.

Latest DBR Podcast!

Just in time for cabin fever.

Duke Recruiting: Vernon Carey Mixtape

This guy is going to be fun

Coach David Cutcliffe On Duke Football As The Team Preps For The Independence Bowl

Like Duke, Temple football at one point was a joke and like Duke, Temple has earned respect.

Duke Recruiting: Anthony Edwards Planning Visits

Everyone thinks that Florida State is the leader here.

A Poll Voter Explains His Votes

This is pretty cool

ACC Roundup - Virginia Prevails Over VCU, Both Techs Win Trivial Games

Exam games are a drag but more or less a necessity.

Duke Recruiting: Isaiah Stewart Update

Duke may not prevail in this one.

The Emergence Of Alex O’ Connell

Most famous for his jump shot and his hair so far, O’ Connell has shown he has the potential to be a major factor for Duke in many ways.

Duke Defeats A Tough Yale Team 91-58

But it wasn't as easy as that might sound.

Duke’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

The offense is spectacular at times but the defense is improving fast. Like really, really fast.