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Duke Downs Army 94-72

Not a great game in some respects but an amazing performance by Zion Williamson

What We’ve Learned About This Duke Basketball Team

Potential is vast. So are the potential pitfalls.

Zion’s Army Highlights

Two games in, two remarkable performances

RJ Barrett’s Army Highlights

Enjoy it while you can

The Latest

Cam Reddish’s Army Highlights

We’re beginning to see much more of what Cam Reddish is capable of.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Another Football Injury For The Blue Devils

This is getting surreal

ACC Roundup - Virginia, FSU Roll, But BC Struggles

Overall, it was a solid first week for the ACC.

Next Up - Army

Time to forget about the Kentucky game.

Duke-Army Game Central

Back at it in Cameron

Duke Recruiting: LaMelo Would Like A Call

Seems highly unlikely

Daniel Jones’ UNC Highlights

What an afternoon for Duke’s QB

Duke Defeats UNC In A Truly Memorable Game 42-35

Daniel Jones was absolutely sensational but this game came down to one last gasp from the Tar Heels.

Duke Recruiting: Boogie Down ‘cause Boogie’s In!

As Duke gets a solid point guard

Some Pre-Game Woofing From UNC

Just a bit of locker room material for the Blue Devils

ACC Roundup - Miami Sits Hernandez

As the investigation begins to bite

Chris Burgess Reflects On BYU vs. Duke Choice

It can’t have been easy.

BBN Update: Trauma Not Over Yet After Duke’s Demolition Derby In Indy

Wow...we never would have guessed at this early turn of events.

Duke-UNC Gets Pretty Personal For Two Players

This would be simultaneously a bit disconcerting and very cool.

Amidst The Celebrity Crush, Duke Has A Tremendous Grinder

Jack White is just going to get better because he works harder

Duke Hypometer Is Officially Off The Charts

There’s no way Duke or any college team is beating even the worst NBA team.

Wendell Carter Update

The baby Bull is rapidly becoming an elite young player.

You Tube Gold: Bird To Walton! Walton To Bird!

What happens when you put two of the greatest passers ever on the same team? Magic. Magic happens.

The Duke Hype Train Needs A Break

Giddiness is fine up to a point but Kentucky was only the first game.

ACC Roundup: Louisville’s Great Escape

Not an audacious beginning for Chris Mack but a win is a win is a win.

Duke-UNC Pregame Links

We adds ‘em when we sees ‘em

Duke-UNC Game Central

Victory Bell is on the line

How Kentucky Processed The Duke Game

It’s a classic formula...

People Are Still Freaked By Duke’s Performance Against Kentucky

You have to wonder what it would have been like to be in a Commonwealth bar Wednesday night.

ACC Debuts Aren’t Always As Successful As This Year

Generally ACC teams win openers but last year had some challenges

ACC Roundup

Lots of news for an off day.

There Are Still Guest Conductor Spots Left For DUMB

You know you want to do this.

More Video Reaction To Duke’s Win Over Kentucky

For the most part? OMG

What Now?

How do you follow a win like what Duke put up against Kentucky?

Duke Humiliates Kentucky By 34 In Championship Classic

In boxing terms, this was peak Tyson. Duke just ate Kentucky alive.

How Do You Process A Game Like That?

Good googledy goo!

Post-Duke-Kentucky Podcast

Still rubbing our eyes after that one