The ACC Had A Solid NBA Draft

TJ Warren, shown here with commissioner Adam Stern, had a very good draft night, going to Phoenix at #14. - Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The first round picks are guaranteed, but the second round guys might all stick this year too.

With the 2014 draft in the books, how did Duke and the ACC do?

Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood did well.

Parker is nearly home, just a short distance up the shore from Chicago in Milwaukee and sounds thrilled to be playing in the Midwest.

He'll have a really interesting frontcourt to work with - Larry Sanders and John Henson are a tremendous pair of young defenders, while the Greek Freak, Giannis Antetokounmpo, has the chance to evolve into a completely unique talent.

The Bucks plan to run him at small forward and Parker at power forward.

Guard play needs to be upgraded, but there's time. Things are looking up for the Bucks. Finally.

Utah has guards: Trey Burke, Alec Burkes, Dante Exum and Hood, who can play either guard or forward, but whose thin frame might push him towards the backcourt.

There's also some frontcourt talent, with Derrick Favors, Enes Kanter, Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert.

Gobert and Burke are 21 while Kanter, Favors and Burks are 22. Hayward is just 24. Toss in Hood and Exum, and you have a really nice young core to build around.

Incidentally, Snyder has hired former Blue Devil Antonio Lang as an assistant.

TJ Warren and Tyler Ennis join Miles Plumlee, who has easily surpassed expectations in the Valley. Shavlik Randolph is also on the roster, but having bounced around the league, there's no guarantee he'll be there.

The Suns also have Gerald Green, Ish Smith from Wake Forest, Eric Bledsoe and Alex Len.

The Morris twins, Marcus and Markieff, are also young players, 24.

It's probably a great spot for Warren, because Phoenix doesn't really have anyone at small forward who's much better.

Ennis, who is really smart but not overly athletic, has to prove he can compete at this level. It's not a death sentence or anything: Steve Kerr was no great athlete and he carved out a great role for himself. More recently Stephen Curry has taken a modest athletic gift and transformed himself into a holy terror.

We'll see how Ennis does.

PJ Hairston was drafted by Miami but traded to Charlotte. Being close to home might be good for him.

KJ McDaniels, Joe Harris and Jerami Grant fell to the second round, with McDaniels and Grant being taken by the Sixers.

Given how bad the Sixers are, both guys should have a chance to make the roster. McDaniels, always with an urge to prove himself, must be pissed to be in the second round. He'll go hard.

As for Grant, he has a pre-existing relationship with point guard Michael Carter-Williams which may help. But he's got a lot to offer on his own.

With Nerlens Noel and now Joel Embiid, Philly could have a really bright future, assuming both guys end up having healthy and extended careers.

As for Harris, he's a tough-nosed guy who plays with surpassing intensity. Cleveland can use a guy like that.

His athleticism is not crazy good, but better than a lot of people think.

Cleveland has a long way to go. Kyrie Irving is a legitimate superstar, but most of the rest of the roster is either inadequate, unhappy or immature.

Left to free agency: UNC's James Michael McAdoo. He'll have to find what he can.

2014 ACC Draftees
2 Jabari Parker Milwaukee
14 TJ Warren Phoenix
18 Tyler Ennis Phoenix
23 Rodney Hood Utah
26 PJ Hairston Miami
32 KJ McDaniels Philadelphia
33 Joe Harris Cavaliers
39 Jerami Grant Philadelphia
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