Hokies Get Some Frontcourt Depth

Does anyone else see this face and expect to see Larry and Moe to show up? - Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech needs all it can get right now.

Virginia Tech's Buzz Williams has a reputation as being sort of hyper, and it's no surprise to see him working overtime to replenish Tech's talent.

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Williams got two transfers in Zach LeDay (South Florida) and Seth Allen (Maryland) and four high schoolers in Ahmed Hill, Satchel Pierce, Justin Bibbs and Jalen Hudson.

Now Tech has a commitment from Shane Henry of Georgia Perimeter Junior College.

Henry, a 6-8 power forward, averaged 13.2 ppg, 12.2 rpg and 4.7 bpg.

So how's Tech set for next year?

Well, think of it this way: that team struggled but showed some heart.

The Hokies lose Cadarian Raines and Jarell Eddie to graduation and Trevor Thompson and Marquis Rankin to transfer.

They have some reasonable pieces though.

Ben Emelogu showed some potential and was named captain as a freshman, although that was probably partly due to lack of competition for the job.

Marshall Wood and Joey van Zegeren have reasonable potential as frontcourt players. CJ Barksdale is the kind of guy who might really benefit from playing for Williams (he could also be the classic example of a guy who doesn't adapt well to a new system. We'll see soon).

And of course there are several other young guys and new blood.

We're really not sure what to expect, but we do think Virginia Tech will be competitive. They may not move up all that much, but beating them won't be as easy as people think.

Actually, next season should be brutally competitive.

The bottom teams, at this point anyway, look like BC and Georgia Tech.

We'd expect Duke, Virginia, Louisville, UNC, Pitt and Syracuse to be at least solid.

State has work to to to replace TJ Warren, but we've seen now that Mark Gottfried is a skilled offensive coach and he's been recruiting well.

Clemson may slide, but maybe not, too - Brad Brownell is a tremendous coach.

Notre Dame gets Jerian Grant back and he'll be motivated after wrecking last season for the Irish (so should everyone else).

Miami's going to get better quickly, we think, and Wake Forest was going to do better anyway. With a new coach and a new attitude, the Deacs could really be improved.

The problem for the Hokies is the team could improve and still not make much of a move.

Then again, we all tend to think in round robin terms. With an unbalanced schedule, who knows? Tech could get a big break there.

Last year, Tech finished 9-22 and lost games by 1, 1, 3, by 5 to Pitt in double overtime, by 4 to Virginia, UNC and Miami.

Win a few of those and things start to look different.

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