ACC Roundup

Eagles guard Joe Rahon (25) keeps the ball in bounds while being guarded by Syracuse Orange forward Jerami Grant (3) during the second half at Silvio O. Conte Forum. Syracuse Orange won 69-59. - Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse got a surprisingly tough game from Boston College

In the only other ACC game Monday night other than Duke-Virginia, Syracuse had a surprisingly tough time with Boston College. The Juicers started to pull away in the final 10 minutes, taking full advantage of their superior size and athleticism.

Tuesday's Games
Teams Times TV
Pitt vs. Georgia Tech 9:00 ESPNU
Tuesday's Results
  • Duke 69 Virginia 65
  • Syracuse 69 Boston College 59
#2 Syracuse 4-0 -- 17-0
#22 Pittsburgh 3-0 .5 15-1
Virginia 3-1 1 12-5
Clemson 2-1 1.5 11-4
Florida State 2-1 1.5 11-4
#23 Duke 2-2 2 13-4
Maryland 2-2 2 10-7
North Carolina State 1-2 2.5 11-5
Wake Forest 1-2 2.5 11-5
Georgia Tech 1-2 2.5 10-6
Notre Dame 1-2 2.5 10-6
Miami (FL) 1-2 2.5 9-6
Virginia Tech 1-2 2.5 8-7
Boston College 1-3 3 5-12
North Carolina 0-3 3.5 10-6
ACC Stats
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Give BC credit for hanging around as long as they did. Pretty good. We honestly thought they'd be a lot closer to 12-5 than 5-12, but in the last three games, BC's been right there: Clemson was a two-point loss, Virginia Tech was an encouraging road win, and Syracuse was in play.

That's still one win and two losses, but BC's showing more heart. BC visits Chapel Hill on Saturday, and given Carolina's erratic play, you can't rule out a Boston College win. Unlikely? Maybe. Impossible? Not at all.

Speaking of Syracuse, the Orange are discussing the possibility of a new arena. The Carrier Dome is, as Syracuse spokesperson Joseph Giansante says, "iconic," but it's also fairly ugly and one of the places people watch college basketball while sitting on bleachers.

On Tuesday, Pitt takes a shiny new ranking down to Atlanta for an interesting game. Pitt's proven to be a tough opponent, and a very rugged defensive group.

You'd think it was an open and shut game - Pitt should win. But Tech has played well lately. Charlotte is a pretty credible opponent. The Maryland loss is a bit hard to fit in, but the Yellow Jackets gave Duke a tough half before fading in the second and took Notre Dame.

It's an interesting matchup. We know Pitt's tough, but the Panthers haven't made a full trip around the conference. Every team has a team or three which gives them fits. We don't know who it is for Pitt yet. Could it be Tech? Why not? Brian Gregory got his coaching degree from the Tom Izzo school of physical play. It could be a pretty compelling game.

On the horizon Wednesday: a homecoming for Mike Brey with his first (and only) ACC game in College Park, Clemson is off to Blacksburg, FSU visits Miami in a suddenly more interesting matchup while State gets Wake Forest.

There are certain turning points in this conference - Duke and Virginia was most likely one for Duke - and Wednesday could be one for Maryland/Notre Dame and State/Wake Forest.

All four teams better start picking some wins if the NCAA remains a possibility. Maryland, at just 10-7 is in particular danger.

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