Jameis Winston Unlikely To Be Charged

Jameis Winston faces possible sexual assault charges in Tallhassee - Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

State attorney says he will probably not bring case to a grand jury.

The Jameis Winston situation has taken a number of twists already, but here's a primer on where things stand now:

As you probably know, a woman has alleged that FSU's sensational redshirt freshman quarterback sexually assaulted her last year.

She went to the police and the case was left open but inactive.

Among the many questions were why the case was allowed to linger. One possible answer: the police say she declined to continue to cooperate. One possible reason: detective Scott Angulo allegdly told the alleged victims attorney Patricia Carroll that "Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable."

Conclusive DNA evidence was found in the woman's underwear, which leaves the obvious question of how it got there. Was there consensual contact, or was it forced upon her?

Winston's attorney says he has two witnesses who were with Winston on the night in question.

Carroll says that Winston's roommate witnessed the alleged assault but that police did not interview him (presumably he is one of the witnesses referred to above).

William Meggs, a state attorney with the Second Judicial Circuit, says at the moment he probably won't take the case to a grand jury.

So the situation is likely to stay muddled in the short term.

What does seem clear though is that the city and state, and in particular the city, could have done a better job with the investigation.

All too often in college towns criminal behavior by athletes gets excused or covered up. If there's not a proper context for his comments, Det. Angulo should be fired for what he said to the alleged victim. There is simply no excuse for putting things like that.  And if the police failed to interview a witness, then heads should roll.

What should be happening in Tallahassee, what should have happened from Day One of this circus, is that the authorities, the real and metaphorical grownups in this situation, should have been determined to get to the truth, whatever it is.

We've seen plenty of cases of women lying about athletes and sex, and we've seen plenty of cases of pigs raping and abusing women and not being punished for it.

A lot of this could be resolved if the NCAA and the NFL (and all professional leagues) simply refused to tolerate it. Like the current officiating theory in college basketball, which is being called a lot tighter, people would adjust their behavior accordingly.

When Dick Sheridan was at N.C. State, he told his players that being at the wrong place at the wrong time would get them suspended. They'd shown bad judgment and that was enough.

Maybe drawing the line that much further back would cost a few scholarships, but it would also send an unambiguous message: no one is going to tolerate even a hint of impropriety, so adjust your expectations and behave accordingly.

Or else.

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